Just log on…boom…education

Soooo. Twenty-first century. Where is your internet presence? You have a class? Well you must have a class twitter, blog, myspace, educomotonaep, and website, right? Well yes! Of course!!! I set up a class website for a project, and I can only think I would need this site if my school hasn’t already set up a user-friendly site for my students, parents, and myself to communicate efficiently and effortlessly.Thus, I might be using this site soon. Just set up, free, quick and easy. Just testing the waters. Take a look, you think it would work? Better yet! Leave a comment with your much better class website so I can copy it.

My Class Site


One thought on “Just log on…boom…education

  1. haha, great site Scott. I actually had created a fully functioning website for a hagwon that I worked at in Yongin through Wix…but alas, nothing lasts forever.


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