#kidthesedays (Blog Post No.7)

The Good Old Days

One day at an event, the kind of event that you would meet fairly progressive thinking teachers, I found this one guy perspective on a lot of things even pretty radical. He was what the young people like to call “old school”.

I remember how the conversation started. We were talking about the disappearance of play, how kids don’t play enough, and the need to make school more fun so students can learn better. It didn’t seem like you could argue with that. That has been kind of like the mantra in a lot in my educational circles for as long as I could remember. I could never understand where the push for more testing and stricter standards came from if all the teachers I know find themselves on the opposite end of that thought stick.

“Kids these days don’t know how to learn anymore,” said the gruff voice of the old man. “We have to spoon feed them everything and make it palatable. If we keep babying them, guess what we’re going to end up with, generations of adult babies that can’t do anything for themselves.”

It was the take of all takes. The lazy young people take. Every generation thinks it about the preceding generation. Ha! Have you ever heard “Wow, these young people! They work so much harder than people did in my days”. Not me. I can say I feel any different about the next models in line to inherit the world. 

What do you think? Do kids work harder now? Do you think we accommodate too much? Is every generation doomed to think the following generation does work as hard as their generation? And, what place does PokemonGo have in my classroom?


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