Little Artist (Blog Post No. 4)

“Give them enough space for creativity, and they will grow and sprout. Give them scissors, and they try to cut off each other’s hair and fingers.” – Anonymous Teacher  

I remember teaching a really fun group of kids. They were quick with their jokes, had good timing, and still interested in here my digressions about the world. They were kindergarteners.

It was fun to see the creativity that students at the age can show. It was fun to see to see them learn the rules and break the rules. They worked well on their own, but not so much as groups, but in a group, they would have to be for the end of the year art project.

Doing a group project with kindergarteners can be like herding cats. Cats that talk. Cats that cry. Cats that want to run around the class if you are not staring directly at them. However, with planning and proper disaster management, it is possible and can result in interesting results.

We did an abstract-like Cubist style collage. It was part individual art, and group art. By the end, students were critiquing each other’s work in respectful helpful ways, and we came out with something big and semi-impressive for parents to take pictures of when they visited. The project allowed the students to learn and practice a lot of things like:

-Identify warm and cool colors

-Recognize artwork in the cubist style

Practice coloring and shading techniques

-Follow a pattern

-Work as a group to arrange collage

-Don’t cut fingers off

By separating the project into little parts, individual and group, it was easier to minimize possible explosions and maximize positive outcomes.

*Real Picture was 3 meters by 2 meters



3 thoughts on “Little Artist (Blog Post No. 4)

  1. This sounds like the type of project that students will remember and be proud of for a very long time. The example you posted looks great!


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