Hello…Um…Today…Um…(Blog Post No.2)

Ever wonder how to be a better presenter? Ha. Me neither. But, you know, it comes up every so often. Now, if your job involves presenting all the time, you likely think about this topic all the time. I wonder how important is it to be a good presenter? I know there were a few times when my presentation skills seemed to really decide the outcome of the life; SpeechCom100 – I’m talking to you!

Even though our presentation skill level might not seem like the most important self-help podcast we want to add to our playlist, when the time comes, you want to be prepared!

There are a lot of books, articles, websites, blogs, and even videos you can look at to unlock the secret of presenting. But, you know what, I am sure there are a lot of things I “know how to do” but can’t really do. In theory, I know how to hit a good straight drive (thanks, Rickard Strongert), but I am not that great.

Growing up, you get a lot of advice when you are moving from school to professional life about giving a presentation. I remember video recording myself to seem how many time I said OK or um (OK:23 / um:47). It was…um, helpful, but if I was much better after doing it for 3-4 days a week for a couple of months. Practice was the real key. Practice is the only way to incorporate the tips and hints you pick up from all the PowerPoints about giving good presentations that tell you not to use PowerPoint.

Go! Find opportunities. Go practice.

***Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is by no means a professional. Anything said is not viable in a court of law.


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